Revolutionising recruitment with JOBJACK

JOBJACK, a prominent South African recruitment platform dedicated to connecting job seekers with entry-level opportunities and companies with talented individuals, has revolutionised modern recruitment. This case study delves into JOBJACK’s strategic partnership with Gathr, highlighting their needs, the Gathr solution, implementation details, and the transformative results achieved.

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What is JOBJACK’s mission?

Studies reveal that job seekers can spend up to R900 on job hunting, covering expenses like printing, transport, and data. JOBJACK addresses these challenges through a user-friendly platform. Job seekers register for free, creating JOBJACK CVs, and receive tailored job postings based on their preferences. The platform enables applications via smartphones, reducing the need for additional costs. In a bid for affordability, JOBJACK partnered with service providers for a data-free job-seeking solution.

We have a heart for our users, we live out our vision to employ the world and we believe through exceptional service and innovation we can create greater accessibility for both job seekers and employers. Our technology provides the opportunity to experience modern recruitment methods on one comprehensive, cost-effective and convenient platform.

Herman Boock, Head of Product at JOBJACK

To further streamline the process, JOBJACK collaborates with innovators like Gathr (powered by Finch Technologies), aiming to make their platform as seamless as possible.

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What JOBJACK needed?

In the realm of online recruitment, scalability and fairness are paramount. JOBJACK needed to conduct credit reports at scale, ensuring unbiased candidate selection while meeting the hiring company’s standards. The existing solutions were either cumbersome, lacked efficiency, or were too expensive. So that’s when we stepped in…

Why Gathr?

Seeking a solution to streamline their recruitment process, JOBJACK identified Gathr as the ideal partner. The decision to collaborate with Gathr was fuelled by clear goals:

  • Scalable credit reports: JOBJACK needed a solution capable of conducting credit reports efficiently at scale.
  • Seamless integration: The platform required an easy-to-integrate system that would seamlessly become a part of JOBJACK’s existing infrastructure.
  • Affordability and efficiency: JOBJACK aimed for a quick, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution to enhance their recruitment capabilities.


Gathr provided JOBJACK with a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs. The integration encompassed Gathr’s credit report functionality, offering a comprehensive API solution that seamlessly merged with JOBJACK’s platform.

A crucial part of the recruitment process, that was a valuable addition to their already sleek technology, was the integration of a consumer credit check. How this works is that when a jobseeker starts the recruitment process through JOBJACK, with specific requirements and consent,  the integration of Gathr’s Module 6 solution will allow JOBJACK’s clients to perform a credit check on the jobseeker.

Through this credit check they’ll be able to see the credit history and financial well-being of the jobseeker. JOBJACK’s clients will be able to perform this check at any point during the recruitment process, from shortlist to after an interview, depending on the needs of the client.  


The collaboration between JOBJACK and Gathr proved to be swift and efficient. Gathr seamlessly integrated into JOBJACK’s system within a month, ensuring minimal disruption to their ongoing operations.


JOBJACK’s experience with Gathr yielded positive outcomes:

Efficiency boost: The credit report functionality offered by Gathr streamlined JOBJACK’s recruitment process, allowing them to conduct assessments quickly and affordably.

Customer support: Throughout the expansion and enhancement of their platform, Gathr’s support team continues to assist JOBJACK whenever needed offering them an added level of optimisation.

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What does the future hold for JOBJACK?

JOBJACK envisions a future where they continue to “employ the world.” With Gathr as a reliable partner, they are poised for sustained growth and innovation in the recruitment landscape.

The strategic collaboration between JOBJACK and Gathr exemplifies how innovative solutions can address industry-specific challenges, fostering efficiency, fairness, and growth in the online recruitment sector in Africa.

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