Latest Product Release: Infrastructure Redesign 

We’re halfway through the year, and we’re revving things up at Gathr. It’s our mission to deliver a faster, more reliable, and robust service to our users. To do this we’ve joined forces with LSD Open to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our current infrastructure and to design and implement a modernised infrastructure that supports rapid scaling and accelerated performance. As part of this initiative, we will be migrating our infrastructure to Kubernetes and Terraform, which will significantly enhance our deployment speed and scalability. These advancements will ensure you experience faster updates and far more.  

To gain a deeper understanding of what this transformation will look like, we sat down with LSD Open and asked them a couple of questions about their role in this redesign and the benefits Gathr and our clients can see from this partnership.  

First off, what does LSD Open do?  

LSD Open focuses on delivering cloud-native solutions and services that fast-track digital innovation. Their core business is centered on managed platform, data, and cloud services enabling customers to innovate, optimize, modernize, and scale, faster. By leveraging advanced cloud technologies, LSD Open helps organizations transition to more efficient, flexible, and scalable infrastructures. 

LSD Open’s client base includes major banks, telecommunications providers, financial service providers, e-commerce retailers, online gaming platforms, insurance providers, and healthcare providers, among others. This diversity showcases their capability to cater to the unique needs of different sectors, ensuring robust and scalable solutions. 

What will the partnership involve?  

For Gathr, the transformation begins with AWS Cloud Engineering. LSD Open’s cloud engineers will restructure our AWS account to allow for improved scaling operations, resource auditing, and billing transparency. The migration involves defining AWS accounts and account security as code, ensuring modularity and repeatable deployments. After a successful transition, the team will focus on data centre allocation and optimisation, which will reduce latency for application requests. They will also standardise resource naming and tagging to improve the developer experience. The application components will be refactored to meet cloud-native standards, allowing the components to be defined as code and managed and scaled independently from other core services. The various application components will then be orchestrated with Amazon EKS, a Kubernetes orchestration tool native to the AWS ecosystem. 

What key benefits will Gathr experience?

The primary goal of this engagement is to elevate Gathr’s infrastructure. The benefits are numerous, starting with the migration to a Kubernetes platform which allows for smarter scaling and sustainable resource allocation based on demand. The refactored application components mean that individual parts of the application can scale without impacting other components, leading to better performance and reliability. 

Additionally, the platform is engineered to provide high availability and resilience, along with improved security for networking and access to applications and databases. The redesign will also bring immediate benefits like reduced latency.  

What will the migration to Kubernetes and Terraform mean?

The modernisation process will result in simpler, repeatable deployments for testing and local development. With infrastructure defined as code, changes can be tested before impacting the live production environment. The Kubernetes tooling will enable smarter scaling for Gathr and any new applications built on this platform. This accelerates the time to market for new features, updates, and fixes, allowing us to deliver improvements to our users more quickly and efficiently. 

Going forward how will this infrastructure be managed?  

Post-redesign, LSD Open will provide comprehensive support through their managed service solution. The platform will be monitored using both LSD Open’s cloud-native tools and Gathr’s monitoring tools. In the event of any degradation in platform performance, expert LSD Open support engineers will be available 24/7 to provide assistance. 

The platform will receive frequent patches and upgrades to ensure it stays up-to-date with the latest security improvements and features. LSD Open’s team will also assist Gathr’s engineers in maximizing the platform’s capabilities, further enhancing application security, availability, and performance. 

And that’s not all… Part of our latest product release has also involved a revamp of our online login journey.  

Online Login Revamp 

Our goal is to enhance the usability, reliability, and performance of our login solution, ensuring a more seamless, dependable, and high-performing experience for our users and clients. We are currently developing a proof of concept, building out the requirements and putting in the hard graft so we can take it to UAT soon. Be sure to stay tuned on our LinkedIn page and website for for the announcement once we’ve gone live.  

We are confident that these initiatives will greatly enhance the Gathr experience.

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